This service is provided as is, without warranty of any kind. Use of this service is entirely at your own risk. We cannot take responsibility for any direct or indirect damages resulting from the use of this service.

The service allows indirect browsing of external, third-party websites. We are not responsible for the content on any external websites that may be accessible through our service. A website viewed through our service is in no way owned by or associated with this website.

The term "indirect browsing" refers to the server which you connect to. During "direct" browsing, you connect to the server which provides the resource you are requesting. During "indirect" browsing, you connect to our server. Our script downloads the requested resource and forwards it to you.

Any resource (such as web pages, images, files) downloaded through our service may be modified. This may include, but is not limited to, editing URLs so that any resources referenced by the target resource are also downloaded indirectly. The accuracy and reliablity of this process is not guaranteed. The resource which you receive may not be an accurate representation of the resource requested.

A side-effect of indirect browsing may be anonymity. By connecting to our server instead of the target server, the target server does not see your IP address. However, we do not guarantee our service will be truly anonymous. The downloaded resource may reference other resources which your browser may automatically download. The service attempts to reroute all such requests through our server but may not be entirely successful. A single direct request will compromise your anonymity.

This service may download a resource over a secure connection but this may be sent back to you over an unsecure connection. Do not enter confidential information unless you are on a secure connection to our server.

What is The Facebook Proxy?
The Facebook Proxy is a site that allows you to access Facebook, while at work, school, or anywhere where you're restricted by a firewall. Rather than connecting directly to Facebook, you're first passing through our servers, before routing your connection to Facebook.

What are the benefits?
The main benefit is that you can visit Facebook if you were previously restricted from doing so. The Facebook proxy also prevents nosey ISPs from seeing what you are doing and monitoring your connection.

Can I use it to see sites other than Facebook?
Yes, and many people do. The Facebook Proxy can be used to visit any website of your choosing.

Does the Facebook Proxy hide my IP?
Yes, it does. The site that you visit cannot see your originating IP.
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The Facebook Proxy allows you to browse facebook and other sites anonymously and fast at work or at home. Use The Facebook Proxy to protect your identity.